We are The Knit Studio.

Our business is dedicated to design and the production of the highest quality personalised baby blankets. Each blanket is proudly knitted by our passionate team of skilled professionals on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia.

The Knit Studio was founded in 2008 by Dean Jones, inspired by his two greatest loves, his daughter and his passion for the knitting industry. As a stay-at-home Dad with 20 years of knitting experience up his sleeve, the idea was born for customised blankets.

Setting the benchmark for the industry in Australia, we pride ourselves on our core beliefs of community and sustainability. We ensure our customers access to the very best 100% organic cotton and 100% extra fine Merino wool.

You can trust that your blanket is cared for with the same love as the very first blanket Dean produced. 

Designed by you.  Knitted by us.  Loved forever.